Creating CivilizationsThe Development of Government and Civics
Have you ever wondered about the ideas that shaped our country and others? What about civilizations in general, how did it all start? What events can influence the decision-making of a leader, a government, or a tribe? In this project, your team is being asked to create a thriving civilization of your own creation starting at it's beginnings, while competing, and cooperating, with many other civilizations equally interested in growing and succeeding. While your team has the power to shape your civilization as it grows, so do events out of your control - food production, technological innovations, research, education, population growth, war, disease. Can your team manage a civilization starting at 4000 BC and finally reaching into space to found a new colony on Alpha Centauri by the year 2050 AD?


While facts and dates are nice to know, they are simply a means to an end - really understanding historical patterns and systems. Ideas like how a country's regional food supplies affect trade networks, how trade networks influence foreign policy, and how the distribution of natural resources shapes the use of new technologies. Understanding ideas like these are sought after as your team works through this project. Your team is being asked to create and manage a civilization starting in the year 4000 BC and concluding 2050 AD while being immersed in the video game Civilization IV (Civ4).


Work through the three scenarios in Civ4 while increasing your point score.
  1. Begin with the Introduction
  2. Scenario 1 - Starting at the year 4000BC progress your civilization to 2050 AD winning through Victory, in either Conquest, Domination, Cultural, Space Race, Diplomatic, or a Time Victory. Complete Weekly Objectives as scheduled.
  3. Scenario 2 - American Revolution - This scenario begins in 1775 AD. Player can side with American colonists or with the British Crown where you will be asked to make choices about how to use land resources (such as where to build cities), where to invest resources (such as in “guns vs. butter”), what kinds of infrastructure to build, and how to manage one’s military.


Following the weekly objectives.

Resources Page


Journals, Media Presentation using Machinima, Prezi, Podcast


What are your teams thoughts on the quality of learning during this project? What are your thoughts about using games in the classroom?