Civilization Presentation

Introduction: Now that the Civilization Project is coming to an end it is time for your team to demonstrate to your peers and me that you all have been hard at work playing games. A report is due.

Due Date: Week of January 24-28; 200 points

Purpose: An opportunity to demonstrate your team's knowledge concerning certain aspects of the American Revolution that were key to the colonies eventual victory over the British Empire.

Task: In an oral and visual presentation answer one of the following questions in a 10-minute presentation that includes the following ingredients:

  1. A written report that is read aloud verbatim on a prescribed date and then a hard copy handed in for review. (rubric)
  2. A visual presentation using PREZI of selected facts and graphic imagery that assist in supporting your report, i.e. pics of Civ screen shots, maps, statistical information, written emphasis, use of technology (rubric)
  3. Defend your report/presentation in a peer critic involving questions and supportive answers (rubric)

Each team will choose one of the following topical statements to develop into a report/presentation:

  1. With the only gaming victories being the British, during the American Revolution, 1776, using your experience with the simulation, explain why the American Colonies did eventually win their independence.
  2. Explain the importance of the British Naval forces during the American Revolutionsupply chain, distribution of military forces, and bombardment of coastal cities.
  3. Even though Boston was ground zero for the actual American Revolution, 1776, for American colonies to take and occupy Boston was mixture of strategic and military tactical manipulation – explain your method if you, acting as colonist, occupied Boston.
  4. In 1775, the nations approaching war with each other were the American colonies (United States) and the British Empire. What other nations were involved in the conflict in North American, what were their territorial assets, and explain the relational history of each with the warring nations prior to 1776.
  5. If you got the chance to play once more, as the American colonies, detail your entire strategy and tactics against an oral peer review. Included maps in your visual presentation.
  6. In detail, explain the contrasting details between Minutemen and Colonial American military, British and Continental Naval vessels, and economic strengths of each American colony.
  7. Explain the historic relationship between the French and Indian War (1754-1763), (a.k.a. the Seven-Years’ War in Britain) and the Boston Massacre (1770), the Boston Tea Party, (1773), and the alliance of the French. Support the idea that there is a historical connection of cause and effect?
  8. As you are beginning to understand, civics plays an important role in any nation, in particular the United States, therefore explain your team’s strategy in using Civics during game play.
  9. The nations territorially involved in North American and with the British American colonies were difficult to negotiate with at times. Explain your team’s strategies in these negotiations and how and why did they historically lead to alliances that left the British Empire alone in a global conflict.
  10. During the turns of play your team was given a choice between economic, military, and culture advancements – explain how your team used these choices and which were more advantageous towards victory? Peer defense required.
  11. Historically all wars are linked to economics, mostly directly, at times indirectly. That being said, explain your gaming strategy for enticing the French to alien with the American Colonies struggle? There are many!

Wikipedia is used as a starting point for your research and not to be used as references in the final written report.