Creating Civilizations Project - the American Revolution

Introduction: It is the hot July summer of 1775, and war is near. Depending on what side you choose to take, the British Empire has long oppressed its colonies in North America through harsh taxes and lack of representation in the British government, or, the troublesome colonies on the North American continent have once and for all severed their tie with Britain and have embarked on a path to their own destruction. This scenario begins in 1775 AD. Teams can side with American colonists or with the British Crown.

Due Date: 14 weeks; 10 pts each week, (weeks 6-18)revolt_war.jpg

Purpose: To view the American Revolution through the perspective of the American colonist, or the British Empire.

Objectives: Be able to identify the causes of the war; understand the players involved; gain key insights as to the resources available to both; list the many reasons for the war; identify the geographical areas involved in the direct conflict

Key Terms: monarch, dictator, democracy, direct democracy, representative democracy, republic, constitution, despotism, Hereditary Rule, police State, Universal Suffrage, Barbarism, Vassalage, Bureaucracy, Nationhood, Free Speech, Tribalism, Slavery, Serfdom, Caste System, Emancipation, Decentralization, Mercantilism, Free Market, State Property, Environmentalism, Paganism, Organized Religion, Theocracy, Pacifism, Free Region

Procedures: As a team, decide if you want to experience the American Revolution from the perspective of the colonist, or that of the British Empire. Once chosen, use the name of the team leader, and under Civic Description place your period/team. Set the difficulty level at settler, game speed at normal.

Assessment: Write a detailed narrative that includes a pre-play, play, and post-play paragraph; 10 pts.