1. What does a “settler” represent in the general expansion of civilizations in history? Who do you think were the "settlers" in America?
  2. Why start with a settler and not a warrior in the game?
  3. What does the phrase "fog of war" mean in the game? What do you think is its meaning in real life?
  4. The character known as a scout in the game explores the surrounding countryside. What are the equivalents of scouts in real life through out history?
  5. What is the importance of cultural development in a civilization?
  6. Explain how the many characters created contribute to the growth of the civilization and not a single one.
  7. What is the growth evolution of a hut?

1. They represent the population of cities. They were people who settled in uncharted territory.
2. Because a settler is someone who settles in the civilization, and a warrior just fights off people and animals.
3.It means not knowing what's to come in a war.
4. They help out with the civilization and farms and places in the civilization.
5.For citizens to have values and religions.
6.They contributed by helping build the civilization, farms, cottages, and other places in the civilization.
7.Its the growth of building. Eventually a hut could be turned into a skyscraper.

  1. Sid suggests that a new City be placed where there is an abundance of Food, Production, and Gold. Using your knowledge from previous years, why do you think European's early settlers, chose the America's to begin settles?
  2. What is the relationship between the growth of Technology, Money, and Research?
  3. What can your team conclude from the passing of years and growth within a civilization?
  4. What encourages trade routes to be constructed? What can you deduce then about the Silk Road, and maritime routes, and modern routes like wagon way, railway, our current highway networks?
  5. Sid stated that civilizations often race each other to be the first to build a particular Wonder, why? What are your team's thoughts concerning a the wonders already built in real civilizations?
  6. It's not too early to being to think about how you might want to WIN when you begin playing the game. Which type of win does your team believe to be the best rout to go?
  7. What is the relationships between religion and the type of government?
  8. How does Sid define Civics?
  9. Why is slavery an option to be used? What purpose does it serve in this simulation? Does it justify why slavery was used through out history, and even still used today?
  10. Decades, even centuries pass by before a civilization acquires new technologies and advanced civics - why do you think it takes so long?

1. I think that they chose the America's because the America's had lots of natural resources for them to use.
2. You need money to fun research, and you need research to create technology, and you need money to buy technology.
3. Civilization becomes more advanced, and they come up with traditions and learn their way of life.
4. People want to get to new places quickly and easily. We can deduce that it takes long because they need to come up with some technologies before you can come up with more, like how wheels come before cars.

1. What civilization did you choose and why?
2. Are you leaning more towards defense or cultural development and growth?
3. As you encountered other civilizations, did you establish trade or go to war? Was is the on going consequence of this decision?
4. What type of government did your team decide to obtain? What were the choices? What are the differences between them all?

1.We choose the Egyptian Empire because it had war chariot to help with war, and it had agriculture which is very helpful in many things.
2.We are kind of splitting it 50 50 like we want some of both.
3.We would trade because the more friends the more people can help you with real enemies. There could be some people that want to go to war right away and you might trust them and then they wreck your civilization.

First 10-minutes - In a narrative format (paragraph length) include the many nations involved in this civil war, the colonies/states/cities involved, and which cities were militarily occupied by which nations. Then create a strategy for today's play BEFORE the actual play takes place, including categories for Economic Expansion, Military Expansion (defensive/offensive), and Diplomatic Expansion.

We plan to take a passive route in our colony. We will try to solve our problems with out war for as long as possible, although if we do have to go to war we will. But only if it is totally necessary. We also will try to make allies with as many nations as possible, also we want to create trade routes. Basically we don't want to be at odds with any nation. We do plan to go to war to free our nation from british rule.

While we were playing we came across some difficulties. We won a few wars against King George III. We had to do this because he threatened us. It was not something that we wanted to do. At one point we lost a man. We also had to make decisions about where we wanted to put our military defense. We chose what weapons we wanted, and what ideas we wanted to introduce. Many times we were attacked and had to try our best to save our citizens.

We discovered not to long in the game that war is necessary. We don't think we could survive long in the game without war. We also believe that in order to win this war we will have to get manny allies. Without these allies it is very possible that we could lose our colony. We also wish the King George would just stop bombing us. It is really constant and we never had a break to collect ourselves. Tomorrow we play to get ships to bomb the british ships.

11-3-10 BEFORE PLAY:
We want to destroy the ships of the british, because that's their biggest strength. We also want to get ships so we have an advantage on the seas. We want to gain more points and evolve more in arts, and get better in defenses. We would like to especially have our cities in top condition, and be able to protect them well. Lastly, we would like to improve our relationships with King Carlos III and KIng Louis XVI.

We tried to get rid of the ships, but the ships blew us up. Then they landed a dude with a cannon on our land. Not good. We're trying very had but they keep sending more ships to our land. Now we're making a ship, which is good, I just hope they don't blow that one up too! Never mind. They blew up our ship again. And there goes our other ship. No! We're under attack! Stupid British with their expansiveness and fancy ships. We killed a British dude yayy! And now their ship appeared and 2 of us died. And they took over Portland. And they killed one of our calvary. Un-yay. These people keep coming on our land, but yay! The French People are going to help us! That's good, we could use the help. We killed British! Awesome. Spain is in war with Britain too, so even though they aren't technically one our side, they still are helping in an indirect way.

So this period, we did accomplish a little bit. First, we did get more ships, which is helpful. We also did kill some of the British, and now we have the French and the Spanish as allies. Unfortunately, lots of our people died too. Some of our ships were also blown up, which is bad. Some of our calvary died too, but we got better defenses due to our allies. And we did earn more points, so that's good.

11.9.10 BEFORE PLAY:
We want to start over and play as the British colonies. We would like to gain points as well. We would like to get rid of some of the Americans. If it is possible, we would like to take over a city of the Americans. We are also going to use our ships to our advantage, because we know from experience, the American ships are not all that good.

So we’ve started over as the British… so far, so good! We are using the ships to our advantage, and we found that our military is very strong! We are trying to capture whatever cities are near the ocean. We are reducing defenses of some of the cities in an attempt to capture them. The American took over Boston... uh-oh. But now we took over Portland! Yay!

We have reduced defenses of American cities in an attempt to capture them. We have used the ships to our advantage, and killed an American ship. We have also killed some of the United States Militia. Overall, I think switching to British was a smart move. We also gained alignment with Spain and France. They also took Boston, and that's bad. But we took Portland, so it evened out.

11. 24. 10 Before Play
Today, we plan to move our soldiers to Boston. We plan to capture that city today. We also want to get more ships on the water, so that there will be no wholes in our military force. We basically want to keep moving towards our main goal. To win the war.

During Play

First thing we did is train more workers. Then we stopped a U.S. colonist from entering our land. Then we stopped them from invading portland. Next we, attempted to conquer Boston. And soon after, epicly failed. After that we lost a ship battle. Then we won one!! King Louis declared war, which doesn't make much sense because they have nothing. No points. Soon after we built Many Hospital (for wounded soldiers). And we massacred another ship!!! Now, Spain wants to be on our side. But maybe its a trick..... YUP, Spain declared war on us. We tried to capture Boston, and failed again. We're being surrounded. Not good. They captured Pensacola from us. We killed a French ship. Then we were killed by a French ship. Then we killed another French ship. On a happier note, we built a farm!

After Play
We actually did very well this period. We captured alot of cites and got a lot done. Although we didn't capture boston. We also went into war with a lot of people, but we believe we can win.

During the period, we wanted to gain more points. This was our main goal. it was our main goal because we are currently losing to George Washington, and this is not okay. We want to have a lot of points by the time our game ends, because this will mean we have played a good game.

So far we have lost a British regular, which isn't good but also isn't terrible. Mahavira was also born in our Mobile; he is powerful. A little box has popped up saying that militia would rise up to repel invaders in their city. This is going to make it harder to invade cities because we will have lots of Militia trying to attack us. We are getting lots of workers in order to build our cities, and another box popped up saying that the British regularly got new people to help them in the war from across the pond. This is going to help us in War because we will get new people to replace the ones that died. August 1779-The colonies offered peace if we gave them the land they would leave us alone, but we said no believing that victory was still in our grasp. September 1779-some people remained loyal to the king while other people split off and sided with the Americans.Two more boxes; they both affect our game play. The August one affects us because we could've had peace but we declined it, and as for the second one, we could lose other soldiers if people side with the colonists. We bought windmills for one of our cities. We have decided to start getting barracks. April, 1780 There were still loyalist willing to fight for britian in the colonies. This could help us win the war. King Carlos attempted to make peace a second time... could it be another trap? Only time will tell. Oh. They declared war. -_- Guess time's up.

We did gain points this period. So technically, we did reach our goal this period. We would have liked to do better because we didn't gain that many points. However we destroyed a frigate and multiple minutemen, so we did alright.

12.16.10 BEFORE PLAY
We would like to beat all the people we have war with. We would also would like to get more points. We would like to kill a lot more soldiers from France, Spain, and the Americans.

The colonial general Benedict Arnold betrayed the american cause in August 1780. We killed a spain and U.S soldier that were trying to take over one of our cities. We shot two french ships and killed them. We are progressing on making many places in our cities like hospitals, cottages, farms, mines, windmills, and more. We just killed another french ship. We have only been killed once by a french ship. While there were those who wished to split from britain, there were others who remained loyal to the crown and were willing to fight in its favor March 1781. We have just killed two more american soldiers. We have killed another French ship. When british forces approached colonial cities they fought in war May 1781. We killed two Spain soldiers and one American soldier. The British got new naval units July 1781. In the end France went against the British and won and made the British surrender August 1781. France wanted to end the war but we denied because we knew there true character.

We have killed many people and have made very good progress with our cities and fighting in the war. We have reached our goal of killing more soldiers from Spain, France, and the Americans.