1. Question week 2

1.What does a “settler” represent in the general expansion of civilizations in history? Who do you think were the "settlers" in America?
1answer. A settler represents growth, and exploration. If we can explore we can discover new countries and make peace with others. The settlers were the English they first to settle the land and explore more parts of it. When they came over on the Mayflower they settled and then explored. But, it might also have been the Native Americans, but they didn't really explore they only used the land they lived in.
2.Why start with a settler and not a warrior in the game?
2answer. A settler explores the places in this game, warriors can't build they only defend.

3.What does the phrase "fog of war" mean in the game? What do you think is its meaning in real life?
3answer. The unknown or undetermined.

4.The character known as a scout in the game explores the surrounding countryside. What are the equivalents of scouts in real life through out history?
4answer.Scouts throughout history explore as well. They are usually familiar with the area in which they are exploring. This inables them to understand and predict any circumstances they might face.

5.What is the importance of cultural development in a civilization?
5answer. Cultural development is important because your civilization needs to be different than the rest of the other civilizations. If we didn't have different civilizations we wouldn't have nearly as many different techniques and tools we have today.

6.Explain how the many characters created contribute to the growth of the civilization and not a single one.
6answer. With the growth of time, and technology people need to advance as well. If we don't advance as people are trades might be different but we wouldn't be able to use them. Also in this game, they are trying to be some what realistic, so having one guy who never evolves wouldn't really be someone who would've really lived.

7.What is the growth evolution of a hut?
Hut is to a cottage to a city.

Question week 3
1.Sid suggests that a new City be placed where there is an abundance of Food, Production, and Gold. Using your knowledge from previous years, why do you think European's early settlers, chose the America's to begin settles?
1answer. Europeans settlers chose America to settle in because America was uninhibited. Therefore we had plenty of food, and land that wasn’t tamed. So therefore it was a good place to start a new life.
2.What is the relationship between the growth of Technology, Money, and Research?
2answer. With advances in research comes advances in money. But, in order to produce higher quality technology you need money. So, its like a chain reaction
3.What can your team conclude from the passing of years and growth within a civilization?
3answer. It takes time to build and acquire different tools, cities and techniques. Civilizations don’t grow overnight they take time, and lots of labor. Therefore the increase of years goes sort of rapidly because it takes time to do things.
4.What encourages trade routes to be constructed? What can you deduce then about the
Silk Road
, and
maritime routes
, and
modern routes
like wagonway, railway, our current highway networks?
4answer. Trade routes are encouraged when a high demand of trade is processed through a certain area. The silk road was built because it was a trade route from the eastern to western worlds. It helped many traders lives easier because before, they traveled through mountains. This route was easy and helped much. The maritime routes were built to get trade through the Red Sea ports. It was heavily used during the Ptolemaic dynasty. Finally the modern routes were thanks to the advance of technology. Like, the wagonways where they built wagon trains, or the railways where trains started across the entire US.
5.Sid stated that civilizations often race each other to be the first to build a particular Wonder, why? What are your team's thoughts concerning the
already built in real civilizations?
. A pyramid is a wonder because it adds a culture to a civilization. The wonders of the world in real life are fascinating considering the tools they had to work with back in those eras. It’s amazing that they were able to create those masterpieces in those times. Also, that they are still standing today. Although some are not as in tact as others they are still standing.
6.It's not too early to being to think about how you might want to WIN when you begin playing the game. Which type of win does your team believe to be the best rout to go?
6answer. We believe that in order to win we are going to need to conquer other civilizations while continuing to build our civilizations.
7.What is the relationships between religion and the type of government?
7answer. Religion and government go hand in hand. Depending on what religion in which you believe often dictates what government you rule by.
8.How does Sid define Civics?
8answer. Civics is
9.Why is slavery an option to be used? What purpose does it serve in this simulation? Does it justify why slavery was used through out history, and even still used today?
9answer. It is an option because in ancient times slavery was very popular. Its purpose is to have you think about what kind of civilization you want to create. So with many options they force you to really think about your civilization.
10. Decades, even centuries pass by before a civilization acquires new technologies and advanced civics - why do you think it takes so long?
10answer. Everything takes research, and research takes knowledge. You can't just can't be good at something by never hearing the subject before, you need to study the subject, and comprehend it. Once you comprehend the subject you can start to advance. This doesn't happen overnight you need to "practice" at it. Questions Week 4
  • What civilization did you choose and why?
  • England, because they are experts in fishing and mining. We thought that if they were good "fishers" we would have plenty of resources to trade.
  • Are you leaning more towards defense or cultural development and growth?
  • Cultural development and growth. We are also making peace with everyone because we want our civilization to be valued as a nice and growing nation.
  • As you encountered other civilizations, did you establish trade or go to war? Was is the on going consequence of this decision? Trade. They might try to trade often and might rob us of our resources. But, this good because they might give us valuable resources.
  • What type of government did your team decide to obtain? What were the choices? What are the differences between them all? We chose Monarchy. There was democracy, dictatorship, and monarchy. Monarchy is one ruler who was handed the position through heirs. Dictatorship is when one person decides to take total control, and forces himself through to the top. Democracy is when the people vote on who they want to lead the country.
Paragraphs Week 6- American Revolution
We chose the British, in the American Revolution. Today we have several goals we as a team would like to complete. First is protection, protection is key in order for us to win. So, we need to build British regulars (army), and move them into every city. For the cities near water we want to build gullies(war boats). We can use the gullies to destroy the Colonies cities as well. For the civilizations that are away from the war, we want to focus on building farms. This will enhance our supplies that need to be sent to our soldiers. In order to transport the foods, we need to build a road system to easily give the supplies to our army. If we have time we might need to attack, if we must we need to take out the Colonies weakest cities first.
So far we are fortifying the city of Boston. Four british regulars are protecting the city, and some Colonist regulars are attacking/approaching the city. We just built a theatre in Mobile, which helps improve culture in the city. Halifax has just received two workers, this way Halifax has more people to help get the civilization up and running faster. Then we built a town hall in York, this adds culture to civilization as well. Roads are slowly being built, as said in our plan. Theaters are being built in various cities across our cities so that we improve culture, while in war! Now, we are starting to realize which cities of ours are becoming major targets. When we see that we start moving more workers and protection to that area. This way if we see them going to another city we can quickly move them to another city. Yes! We just defeated a colonist who set land on our British territory. Yes, again! We just earned skills in Quebec, which allows for English territory to advance. Again we're building more roads, which allows easy transportation. Now, we just built more cottages which houses our people. Yes! We just killed a Colonist calvary, with a British regular. Uh, oh we just lost a boat, because we attacked them. That was not a very smart move by us. Well, we tried to defeat them again and success was ours.
Boston is being attacked by American regulars, but Halifax is supplying soldiers to Boston. Other civilizations are making farms, and cottages, providing food for other civilizations. We are seeing the difficulties of the game, and we can't wait to take the challenge!
Paragraph Week 7
The cities of Mobile, Pensacola, St.Augustine, Ft. Vincennea, Detroit, York, Ft. Pitt, Montreal, Troce Rivers, Quebec, and Hailfax are going to be producing materials such as farms.Farms will produce food, and other supplies for soliders. Then the city of Boston will make troops to attack Albany, New York City, and Philadelphia. This is our plan for today, hopefully it will work.

We keep losing our cities (two to be exact). Our soldiers keep dying as well. The Colonists keep attacking us, and we are either not prepared or not fully equipped with the right materials to defeat the colonists. Again they attacked us, and lost the city of Boston. Boston was going to be the army based city, but we need to recalculate and decide where our new city will be. Now, we are trying to figure out what to do, and try to win back Boston.

We lost three cities, and the Colonists keep attacking us. We were unprepared. Although we were being attacked frequently Halifax was great in producing materials, and building culture. Next week we hope to win back our lost cities, and hopefully succeed next time!
Paragraph Week 8
Today we started over, because we only had two colonies left. So, we regrouped and decided to start fresh as the Colonies. Our plan is to have the cities of Ft. Augusta and Savannah creates continental regulars. Therefore they can attack St. Augustine and Pensacola. For the cities of Charlotte, Wilmington, Norfolk, and Richmond we want them to build up our defenses and continue making continental regulars. Then the cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York will attack Boston and Montreal with again our continental regulars.

We’re off to a good start, sort of. We defeated one British regular, which is good because we needed a boost of confidence. Oh no, our colonists are not happy. This is the price we pay for not improving their living. Luckily, and thankfully we’re surviving in this game. An advantage for us is that King Carlos (who doesn't have many points), is aiding in our war against King George. King Carlos is at least an ally. Unfortunately we lost a city to the British, but it wasn't a major city, so it's not that bad. You can see we are improving because we are winning some battle. Or maybe not, this game is so frustrating, because when we think we're doing well we lose again. Like just now where we lost a MAJOR city, New York. Oh and now we just lost AGAIN! Literally, we were defeated.

Next week we want to start over, and try a different tactic. One new tactic might be to choose a different level of difficulty (noble). Hopefully we can try again for the third time and win. I think we can do it if we start off strong and then stay strong. I hope we win, and beat the Colonies. (Yes, we're switching to being the British again.)
Paragraph Week 9 ~11/30~ Today in the game of Civilizations our plan is to continue to build forces. We want to keep building British Regulars, so we can hopefully defeat the Colonies. Another thing is to keep building ships so we can attack from outside and hopefully catch them by surprise. We may also try and make alliances, with King Carlos III or King Louis XVI. Historical Facts:January 1776-A man named Thomas Paine wrote a phamplet called Common Sense which sparked support by the people living in the Colonies.May 1776-France and Spain are going to help the Colonies, so we have to fight more people .June 1776-Some colonists were willing to fight for the British .July/December/May 1776-France and Spain are getting closer to aligning to the colonies.July 1777 King Carlos, and King Louis want to help but we came to fast.November 1777, The French are now aiding the colonists.January 1778, Spanish declares war on us.February 1778 Prusisian general alligned with the British.Right now we are moving ships to the city of Baltimore, so we can attack them, and then lower their defenses so they can not produce any regulars. Now we are moving some of our frigates to Norfolk, where we are lowering their defenses. We are also trying to do the same in the city of Wilmington. Unfortunately the colonies are approaching our city of Boston, but I think we can take them. We are now getting ready to attack Fort Augusta and Albany, which should be pretty easy. I think the Colonists soldiers are scared to attack Boston because they keep hovering around the city but never entering. Yes! We just defeated two soldiers in Portland and took it over, hopefully we will win this time. We are currently attacking Fort Augusta, which we will hopefully win. Now we are attacking the city of Norfolk with our frigate. It paid off because we took over Norfolk! Yes we defeated a two British regulars and took over Albany. Now we took over New York, we are unstoppable! Today we took over three cities, and lost only one guy during the three "mini wars." We are continuing to build more frigates and more British Regulars. This is helping us immensely so if we need any back-up with defeating people we have many people. Today was quite successful, and we are hoping to finish off the colonists.

Week 10 12/7/2010
Today in Civilization we are planning to continue to build forces and take over what cities we need to gain points and win the game. Last week our plan was to make an alliance with King Carlos III and King Louis. Instead of doing this we are at war with King Carlos but at peace with King Louis. Hopefully we can find a helpful alliance with him today.
March 1778- British forces approach colonial cities in local Militia would often rise up to help the rebel in invaders.
July-178 The British would regularly receive new units from Europe to reinforce the land and naval forces already present in the Colonial theater at war.
Currently we are attempting to take Baltimore as well as New York using frigates. New York couldn’t be taken with our Frigates, hopefully when we try again we can take it for our own. Now were thinking that just taking Baltimore or New York wont due, we’ll have to take two cities. Now our Boston Citizens are rebelling, hopefully we will come out of this downward spiral. We’ve lined up many British Regulars and Frigates around New York. We also have multiple Frigates around Baltimore, we think that should be more that enough to the cities. Oh no, we just lost a frigate full of soldiers and now were trying to revenge them while also trying to take the down cities. Yeah! We just won New York! It took many soldiers and ships but with effort we finally took the city. Now all we need to do is to get rid the few King Carlos ships in our waters and then all we need to do is to take the tiniest city and we win! Yes, finally we won our final city being Wilmington with to minutes left in the period. After many attempts at this game we finally won after much trial and error.