1. What does a “settler” represent in the general expansion of civilizations in history? Who do you think were the "settlers" in America?

Someone who founds a city is a settler. I think the settlers in America are the founding fathers.

2. Why start with a settler and not a warrior in the game?

You need a settler to found the city, so the city can produce more warriors. If you start with a warrior they won't "found" the city to create more warriors, then you won' t have any settlers.

3. What does the phrase "fog of war" mean in the game? What do you think is its meaning in real life?

"Fog of war," is basically the unknown. In real life your not going to know where everything is and the strength of your enemies.

4. The character known as a scout in the game explores the surrounding countryside. What are the equivalents of scouts in real life through out history?

I think scouts in real life are people who like to explore. I also think it is people who do explore different places throughout the world.

5. What is the importance of cultural development in a civilization?

Cultural development expands the borders of your civilization, and allows you to explore more of the world.

6. Explain how the many characters created contribute to the growth of the civilization and not a single one.

Settler, worker, warrior, and scout. So there are four.

7. What is the growth evolution of a hut?

The growth evolution of a hut is a hut, cottage, village, then a town.

1. Sid suggests that a new City be placed where there is an abundance of Food, Production, and Gold. Using your knowledge from previous years, why do you think European's early settlers, chose the America's to begin settles?

They chose the America's to begin settles because there is an abundance of food, production, and gold.

2. What is the relationship between the growth of Technology, Money, and Research?

Research allows you to get technology which helps you get money.

3. What can your team conclude from the passing of years and growth within a civilization?

We've gotten more recent technology, research, and more cities.

4. What encourages trade routes to be constructed? What can you deduce then about the Silk Road, and maritime routes, and modern routes like wagon way, railway, our current highway networks?

When you build trade routes all your cities have access to your resources. Like iron. The Silk Road and other roads allow the civilizations to flourish and increase trade.

5. Sid stated that civilizations often races each other to be the first to build a particular Wonder, why? What are your team's thoughts concerning the wonders already built in real civilizations?

6. It's not too early to being to think about how you might want to WIN when you begin playing the game. Which type of win does your team believe to be the best route to go?
By getting a full civilization and getting a ton of money.

7. What is the relationships between religion and the type of government?
Religion is the practice of what you believe in. A type of government is a form of laws and rules put together to make a government.

8. How does Sid define Civics?

Pre Game strategy

First we set one of our cities to make a worker to build roads. This will connect our larger cities in the north to the cities down south to move our troops around more efficiently. At our lower cities we will set their troops to making more defensively focused troops since they are more isolated. We will try and research as many militarian technologies. We won't build any more ships since they take too much time to build. We will focus less on attacking enemy troops and try and capture as many cities as possible to promote rapid growth. Any cities that we capture will be like stopping points for our troops.

During Game

Our strategy is working pretty well. Something that was found to be useful was to use our prebuilt ships to move our troops much quicker than the americans, since we control the shore. This has proven very useful when we are attacking enemies since, with our roads built we can focus all our troops in one area, have them board a ship, and in what would normally take several turns, attack and capture a city. The south cities are also faring reasonably well. Since they are not being attacked we have managed to surround them and we are pushing in from three sides slowly capturing their cities. We attacked from the east with our ships, our larger cities from the north are also attacking, and our smaller cities in the south are capturing the smaller cities.

After Game
Our strategy is working nearly perfectly. since we made the first assault we have forced them into defensive positions. We are attacking with all our troops and captured 2 of their cities already. The next time we play, we hope to capture at least two more of their cities and possibly focus on a little less war.

Pre Game strategy 11-2-10

First we set one of our cities to make a worker to build roads. This will connect our larger cities in the north to the cities down south to move our troops around more efficiently. At our lower cities we will set their troops to making more defensively focused troops since they are more isolated. Any cities that we capture will be like stopping points for our troops.

During Game

We are doing pretty badly, George Washington and his men are attacking us. We took power in Albany but we are loosing everywhere else. We are having a hard time explaining what we want to go to Kevin. We are shooting Boston from our ship. We are attacking Pensacola. We are doing our best to complete our strategy. We are building up so we can attack. We now have Boston! We are moving our ships that can fire to New York. France just declared war on us! We Declared war with Spain and then found out we can not make peace with George Washington, therefore we are going to die! We lost our city. We have a cannon. We have captured two cities though.

After Game

We lost a City, are in war with three people, we are loosing our troops, we are trying to attack, but Washington's troops are to strong. We have figured out how to use the cannons on the ship to reduce others defense, and we have found out how to get reinforcements. Unfortunately, with a badly calculated joke, kevin has declared war on spain, and we have completely lost the southern territories, but we have captured several large cities such as boston to make up for it.

Before Game 11-9-10

During this class period we want to accomplish many things. We want to try to be in only one war not three again. At our lower cities we will set their troops to making more defensively focused troops since they are more isolated. Any cities that we capture will be like stopping points for our troops.

During Game

We are going to city to city capturing them. So now we are in the process of capturing cities. So far we have captured Philly! We are still trying to get more.
We are now no longer in war with King Louis XVI. We are still in war with King Carlos III and George Washington. We (Subway) Won a Score Victory.

After Game

We are victorious because we won a score victory. The results of our plan finally resulted good.

Shannon 9.5/10
Jimi 9.5/10
Gabby 8/10
Robyn 9/10
Kevin 8/10
Nick 10/10
Justin 10/10

Before Game 11-24-10

We are going to move our fleet of transports and frigates down to New York City to attack. We will move all of our soldiers to New York so we can capture the city. After that we will move on to albany. In the south we will gather our troops for an en masse attack to hopefully take an extra city. When we do attack, we have to make sure that they are fully healed before we attack. We will also make more British Regulars. If we can, we will also build a settler in one of our safer cities.

During Game

We are attacking Albany. Moses was born in Charleston, which the colonists have control of. Our main focus is attacking Albany and New York City. We captured New York City! We will have Albany soon. We have a lot of anti-gunpowder units, which comes in handy. We have found a new strategy that weakens there troops with our new troops. Then we deliver the killing blow with our anti gunpowder units. Also, we got fresh 6 regulars that helped us capture new york. We are also garrisoning each of our cities with 1 troop. Unfortunately, we were unable to build the settler.

After Game

We have successfully captured Albany and New York! We haven't lost any cities. We had a good strategy with moving our ships and making our soldiers. We only lost one of our anti gunpowder units. we also have about 8 regulars gathered in the south and west that will move in and take their smaller cities. We plan to build more roads next time for easier transportation of our troops from our northern countries. One thing that was rather disappointing though was the uselessness of the british loyalist. Our strategy is going to be the same for next time as today with the exception of the roads.

Before Game 12/6/2010

Robyn says to shoot people and do whatever. Robyn wants to hang them by a rope and torture them. Jimi says to conquer and drown them. Gabby and Shannon agree. Our actual serious strategy is to weaken New York City and capture it so we can use it as a base of operations. We will build as many anti gunpowder units as we can. We are also going to use various ships to bring troops from the southern area up to New York to aid in the assault

During Game
The British receive reinforcements. We got land and naval units near halifax. When the U.S. officially declared independence. France and Spain realized they could gain power while we lost some. We also gained a new anti gunpowder unit and reduced New York's defenses to zero. Unfortunately we lost York since we forgot to place a defensive troop there. We got a british Loyalist because some people remained loyal to the crown. Nick pointlessly attacked a city with one of our best troops when he was wounded, and now we lost him. We got another loyalist though. Colonial Militia appeared near Savannah. We then took back York. When we were moving troops to New York, another Militia appeared there. At the same time, we got another British irregular. We also got another stack of huge units near Halifax. Spain declared war on us to gain spoils. France also declared War. Kevin says we are screwed but they are weak. French then officially recognized the U.S. as independent.

After Game

We haven't lost or gained any cities, but we have many troops massed for an attack on New York City. We are also weakening Albany bit by bit. We are also double fortifying our cities so they don't take any cities in a stroke of luck. Nick ran a test after we saved and now we know that they only have 2 units in New York. Our strategy for next game is too make an attack on all their cities and hopefully take new york and albany.

Before Game 12/16/2010

What we plan to do is let one of our troops kill a few of their weaker troops, specifically their irregular troops and wounded troops. After that we will upgrade him into an anti gunpowder unit. These units have a huge advantage. We will also assault New York and Albany with a combo of ships and troops. We have obtained a cannon, but it sucks. Since we have a huge unit stack right next to York. The girls say to kill everyone. Nick wants to use a nuke.

During Game
Right as our turn ended, we got 2 messages in a row. They got a continental trooper, We got a british irregular. After that we got yet another british irregular. Luckily he was in perfect position to assault New York. They also had 2 ships appear as reinforcements from the french. We attacked new york city. We have just Captured it. A couple of continental up North. Our cannon got double city attack. King Lewis is not at war with us anymore. We unloaded three troops off a ship. They just got Promotions For all their continental. Extra troops in Detroit. Captured Albany. Mahavira born in the St. Augustine in May of 1778. Brittish regular Appear. New land and Navel unit.

After Game
We captured Albany, New York, and Boston. However, we have too many ships, they are taking up a lot of our gold. So we are gong to delete a lot of our ships We also have found that you can bombard cities with cannons. Once we delete a couple of our ships, we can go on an all out offensive. Next time, we are going to attack as many of their cities as we can with our super unit, the anti city cannon.