1. What does a “settler” represent in the general expansion of civilizations in history? Who do you think were the "settlers" in America? The settler is a person or group of people who set up a civilization. The Native American's were the first settlers in America.
  2. Why start with a settler and not a warrior in the game? Because a warrior won't know how to set up a civilization. Settlers can set up houses, farms, and all the things that are needed to set up a settlement.
  3. What does the phrase "fog of war" mean in the game? What do you think is its meaning in real life? The unexplored world. The unknown places in the world.
  4. The character known as a scout in the game explores the surrounding countryside. What are the equivalents of scouts in real life through out history?They search for places that are good to settle and see if people would be able to survive in their scouting area.
  5. What is the importance of cultural development in a civilization? It can give them hope; something to believe in. Without culture everyone would be the same and it gives them traditions to follow.
  6. Explain how the many characters created contribute to the growth of the civilization and not a single one.A single person cannot create a community or anything really. Civilizations begin with teamwork.
  7. What is the growth evolution of a hut?
  8. Sid suggests that a new City be placed where there is an abundance of Food, Production, and Gold. Using your knowledge from previous years, why do you think European's early settlers, chose the America's to begin settles. Because they had heard there were furs and riches in the America's, also there was a lot of game because only the natives lived there.
  9. What is the relationship between the growth of Technology, Money, and Research? Without money you cant research, without research you wouldn't have technology.
  10. What can your team conclude from the passing of years and growth within a civilization? People are quicker at their jobs, they know what they are supposed to do, and they develop a more complex life; or civilization.
  11. What encourages trade routes to be constructed? What can you deduce then about the Silk Road, and maritime routes, and modern routes like wagon way, railway, our current highway networks? Getting more goods such as food, clothing, weapons, ect. Throughout time trade routes get easier to get to, so trading becomes a more regular thing.
  12. Sid stated that civilizations often race each other to be the first to build a particular Wonder, why? What are your team's thoughts concerning a the wonders already built in real civilizations? They want to be able to brag and show that THEY were the first and or best wonder and that THEY have the power. They are cool and show what that country was able to do and the advancements that place had during their time.
  13. It's not too early to being to think about how you might want to WIN when you begin playing the game. Which type of win does your team believe to be the best rout to go?
  14. What is the relationships between religion and the type of government? The type of government may affect the type of religion in the civilization. If it was a dictatorship the government could make them study whatever religion they wanted the people to learn.
  15. How does Sid define Civics? He defines it as government, legal, and labor work.
  16. Why is slavery an option to be used? What purpose does it serve in this simulation? Does it justify why slavery was used through out history, and even still used today? It's used because some people don't want to work, and don't want to pay for people to work for them, and they have to do whatever you tell them too. To show what does happen in some civilizations. No it doesn't, if your gonna have someone work for you it should be upon their own will and they should be rewarded for their work.
  17. Decades, even centuries pass by before a civilization acquires new technologies and advanced civics - why do you think it takes so long? Because they have to discover things and then find out how to use the thing in a way that helps them. Also it takes time to discover a way to make something and then they can advance the tool they made.
  18. What civilization did you choose and why? We chose a Greek civilization because in the beginning they had a lot of power. And it would be cool to see if we could keep power for a longer time then they did in real life.
  19. Are you leaning more towards defense or cultural development and growth? At the moment we are leaning more towards defense, but we'd like to even it out. So it's 50/50 defense and cultural development and growth.
  20. As you encountered other civilizations, did you establish trade or go to war? Was is the on going consequence of this decision? We started a war our first time and died.
  21. What type of government did your team decide to obtain? What were the choices? What are the differences between them all?

The cause of the war was that the English colonies wanted independence from England. The English colonies did not like taxation without representation, they didn't have freedom of religion, and they did not have say with laws in England. The geographical areas of the war are from Canada to Florida on the east coast. The British are occupying most of the cities, and a lot of areas are not discovered yet. The players in the game are England/Britain and the English colonies. Because we are not supposed to play the game, we do not know if the English colonies will become the United States of America.

When we play the game, we are going to take the American colonies towns down one at a time, until they are gone. Another strategy would be sending a portion of our army to each city so that if we are in many cities, the colonists cannot fight back in mass.
When playing this strategy seems to be working quite well. We are taking the cities one at a time, and when the Americans try to take them back we fend them off. We are also using our ships effectively to take the American ports. As we take the American ports from the east to the west we move in on land and take the inner cities the same way.
We are successfully taking the American cities one at a time. With our next visit we would like to conquer the Americans. We believe we can do this because we have already lasted longer than the real British did. We think we will change our strategy a little and send men on land to sweep across the land from east to west. If we do this successfully we can keep the Americans out of the cities we have taken permanently.

The American Colonist last time were conquering our cities and killing off our worriers. But for us the British empire, were losing in the begining. We finished strong in the end. Today we will continue to win and gain cities and defeat the American Colonists at this station. Our overall goal is to recapture and capture as many cities as possible before the day is done.

So far our strategy is not working.But at the same time we are doing well. We have survived to February of 1777. We lasted longer than the actual war which ended in the year of 1776. We are attacking mostly by ships at sea. We have brought the city of Boston down to 18%. All by cannons of our war ships.

Next week we are going to do our best to get back as many cities as we can and maybe get some that we never had. We also want to make our civilization more civil and have a nice government.

This week we are going to continue our strategy to use our ships to take the American cities. After using our ships to weaken the city's defenses we plan to move in our foot soldier. If the foot soldiers fail to take the city we have a canoneer as back up. So far our strategy has worked well, but if it begins to fail we will adapt it to use more foot soldiers for taking each city.

We have continued our strategy of taking the American cities one at a time, but we have also began focus on improving our economy. We have started building mines and farms around our cities to make them more wealthy. This is very good because this will make our cities harder for the American cities to attack. We are using our transport ships to take American cities from the sea and it seems to be working quite well.

Our strategy continued to work well so we are going to continue with it. Our economy is growing stronger and we have began a religion. France and Spain have declared war on us, but we are much stronger and more advanced. Our transport ships are continuing to drop off soldiers who take the cities near the sea. It doesn't seem like the other countries will be able to defeat us.

It's the year 1777 George Washington is stronger than us at 131, but we are sure to catch up. Our power is at 87, and all other people are so weak that they aren't really any worry. We are moving all ships to border the US so we can shoot cannons at them, and eventually take over the towns. We are also trying to get our people onto transport ships to move them around easier.

This week at 8:34, Colonial Militia are rising up in Portland to help repel us British people. That gave the American Colonist the upper hand. By the the militia helping the colonist they have a better chance of destroying our invading british people. With the americans having the upper hand we have less chance of wining this war. It is now 9:00am April and we have gained 3pts. and we now have the power of 90. We have sent a cannoneer and 2 warriors invading the city of Portland. The americans have shot and killed one of our british warriors. The americans have also tried to invade Toris- Reveres where we brits have control. The americans failed. We are currently building a hospital in the city of Toris-Reveres. We also are in the process of building a mine and a wind mill in the city of Quebec. In july King Louis of the french came to assist the americans in defeating we the brits and, we lost 1pt. But also we the brits have received reinforcements from Europe.

As long as we the brits do not die from the invasion of the americans, we plan to continue spreading our new troops through out the cites inhabited by the americans. We also have to see the out come of this war. Now that the americans have help from the french and now the spanish.

Today it is October 1777 our strategy for the day is to pretty much just go with the flow. So also we don"t really have a plan but were are going to attack with are men and boats tords the collines. We wanted to destory their colliesns but also keep are collines intact.

Were getting four plus alignment from France. Were going around the perimeter of the land with are boat's to attack the collines. British loyaltist are working with us. were are sending supply workers to Montreal so the americans dont take it because Montreal is dieing. We are moving most of are men and boats down south to attack.