1. What civilization did you choose and why?
We choose the Egyptian Empire. We choose the empire because of the terrain. We believe that the nile river will give us an edge over the other civilizations because it will provide fertile soil and a means of a good transportation.

2. Are you leaning more towards defense or cultural development and growth?
Our plan of attack is to be a peaceful healthy nation, but still have a good defense. I would say that we would be leaning cultural development and growth, but our defense shall not be weak.

3.As you encountered other civilizations, did you establish trade or go to war? Was is the on going consequence of this decision?
We established trade because we thought that we were to weak to go to war. The consequence of this decision is that now we must watch over them.

4.What type of government did your team decide to obtain? What were the choices? What are the differences between them all?

We believe that we shall choice a democracy or monarchy because they seem to please both the people and the government in power. Other choices consisted of dictatorship and communism. We believe that these will not be healthy for our nation.

Assessment: Write a detailed narrative that includes a pre-play, play, and post-play paragraph; 10 pts.

During our ten minute pre-play we went threw a lot. We first got the game set with the help of Mr. Fullerton. Then we choose which side to be on. We chose to be on the colonists side. We chose this side because we feel that this side has more benefits. We also have more background knowledge on this side giving us an important advantage. Next we began reading the instructions and preparing to begin the game. We also came up with a few strategies.

We can't go by the sea because the British practically own it so we should go by land. Boston is in a solitary area so we may go for them first. We first consulted our fellow americans. We knew we had to declare war against King George since he was killing our warriors, so we went to King Carlos for an alliance. We decided to try to attack Boston first. We killed four of their soldiers but they killed six of ours, decreased New York's defenses, and killed one of our boats.

After finishing we released that we need a better strategy. We also released that we must finish our job of taking over Boston. We will also need to fix New York's defense. Then they can help us with the war. We will also need another hospital or maybe even two. However we are less than 10 points behind them so we still have hope. It was a fun experience and we did not yet die out.

Week 6:

Today we need a battle plan, badly. We decided to head north a try to demoniate the less populated cites that were lowly rated. We also will try to join forces with King Carlos and maybe King Louis. We will also try overrun Kin George's ships. Along with these strategies we decided to attack less soldiers on King George's side. Wish us luck!

After a few minutes thing were not getting better. They have already killed a few of us. After a bit we managed to destroy there largest ship! Hurray! Towards the end of are day we managed to start going to King Carlos in hopes to have a discussion regarding King George. We also made alliances with Spain and France. After a couple turns King George killed our prized frigate destroying a piece of our hope. During the game we built many calvaries, privateers, jails, mills, and hospitals. Sadly, we needed to use this hospital very frequently. We also builded many walls and didn't really kill many soldiers. King George is growing and we might not be able to keep up ,but then the impossible happened. We conquered Albany! After conquering Albany we destroyed another large ship! Then they conquered Portland.

Looking back, we did an okay job. We raised our score to 115 points ,but we are still behind King George. We killed a few of there soldiers but they killed a few of ours. We killed 2 of there frigates and they killed 1 of ours and a few of our smaller ships. They conquered Albany and Portland, but then we reconquered Albany. We did not reach King Carlos but we made alliances with Spain and France. Hopefully when we come back we will get back Portland, help our cities, reach King Carlos, and build more frigates.


Today we plan to make a deal with king Carlos and join forces with him and defeat King George. We also plan to attack there cities and hopefully dominate. Next we plan to dominate the water with our numerous frigates and sailboats. We shall also make our cities more happy with culutral entertainment and education. We also plan to build more hospitals and cannons. Wish us luck!

We just had King Carlos attack Ft.Pitt. Now we join forces at King Carlos capital using his workers to build an empire. Next we killed one of king George's soliders. Sadly they killed one of our frigates and a cannon. Then to get revenge we killed another soliders. We built more hospitals and frigates too. We also built a bank for our gold-making capital. Then they made us angry so we destroyed one of there frigates. Take that King George! Now that we made him angry we decided to kill two more of his soldiers. Then we went a little to far and got our frigate destroyed. Then if that was not enough they took over new york city.

We did bad, we lost 22 points and king george gained about 30-40 points. We lost many soldiers and boats, even a city. I believe that we will loose this war. Next week we plan to take over the smaller '1' and '2' cities owned by king george, while also trying to take back new york city and portland. Hopefully our plan we work better then it did this week.


Today we plan on waging war on king Carlos and take his points so we are stronger. Since last week we have lost many points so we plan to grow our culture in order to gain more points. Once we start the war with King Carlos we plan to attack Ft.V. and one of his cities. We also plan to build more cannons and frigates. Then hopefully we shall make up for our failures last week.

As soon as we started we lost.

We lost for a couple reasons. We started a war that we could not handle. We shouldn't have started a war with King Carlos.
We also should have focused on defending our waters because King George had many ships and we lived along the coast. Looking at the map, it appears that we have many small cities whereas they had an abundant amount of large cities. We also have released that we should have defended our cities better because King George took over three of them throughout our game. We our now debating on our next choices... for example we have decided to become British.

Our Next Game (on the British side):

The Boston massacre started the game, during this invasion we killed two of their soldiers without any of our soldiers lost. We now plan to take over Portland since it is isolate. We have also decided that since we our in war, we shall not invest in as much culture. Today we gained one British loyalist and have decided to also attack Portland by land too. Once we attacked we lost one soldier, but also killed one of theirs. We then retreated our remanding soldiers. Next we decided to move some frigates down to New York City. In November, 1775 two Privateers were made for our enemy which killed two of our soldiers. Then in January they built another solidar reducing our points to 111. Hopefully next week we will do better.

We are planning to have our frigates attack New York until its defenses reach 0% so we can take it over. We are also planning to do a sea attack on baltimore, we doubt we will be able to get the city today, after we take over baltimore, we will attack Philadelphia.

since we have found out that frigates cannot reach into Philadelphia, so we are planning on making and sending privateers to philadelphia. France and Spain are making a alliance with the colony, we need to act quickly! We are sending in a british regular to take in New York because its defenses have reached 0%. The french and spain have gained alignment, but we have also gained naval and land reinforcements from Europe. Our regular has been defeated while attempting to take New York. We got another soldier in portland. We got 'The Ship of the Line' from Europe.We conquered Portland and gained 6 points. France is now helping the colony.

We plan on rushing New York or Baltimore tomorrow. We also plan to build culture with portland. We also want to build a aliance with spain. We plan on figuring out which technologies we need to build the cannon.

Week 10:
As stated above you can see that we do not have many plans. We are disappointed to say that this may be are last visit here so we must quote, "Go hard or go home". We have no exact plans but we are still planning to dominate America.

As soon as we started we noticed something odd, somehow Portland was regained by the americans and some of the cities have grown quite larger. In May 1776 the colonies gained gold. To be honest our team today is lacking spirits and we seem quite depressed. Luckily we soon got got 7 soliders and a cannoreer later that month. We continued to bomb their cities as usual but we did not notice their soliders going to boston. Luckily we killed all three of them. Today we got even more soliders near Halifax. We also decided to give King Carlos a gift. During or chat we also fond out that he is quite annoyed with George Washington. In 1777 France declared war on us. Right after this news we took over Portland!

In the end of the day we ended up not defeating them ,but we were pretty close. We had over 130 points and they had about 110. King Carlos had less than 10 and we never got to meet King Louis of France. After this experience we are determined to do better in Sim City, so wish us luck!