1. What does a “settler” represent in the general expansion of civilizations in history? Who do you think were the "settlers" in America?
They where all the high powers who wanted morel and so they sent sailors with boatloads of settlers to discover more land and resources.
2. Why start with a settler and not a warrior in the game?
A settler would be the beginning of the possibility of owning and controlling more territories by being able to build another empire in new land.
3. What does the phrase "fog of war" mean in the game? What do you think is its meaning in real life?
The meaning of fog of war means your should discover all the land around you so you know your surrounds will be fog of war.
4. The character known as a scout in the game explores the surrounding countryside. What are the equivalents of scouts in real life through out history?
They where spies, explorers, and archers in history
5. What is the importance of cultural development in a civilization?
You need a culture for your civilization to succeed.
6. Explain how the many characters created contribute to the growth of the civilization and not a single one.
These characters contribute to the growth of a civilization because without them the civilization would not succeed without all of these jobs and tasks. These tasks help keep the colony strong and in order.
7. What is the growth evolution of a hut?
With more than one, you can be at more places at once. You also can build a lot more farms, mines, and other parts of a civilization. The growth evolution of a hut is the hut becomes a town. The town becomes a city. The city becomes an empire.
Creating Civilizations:
1. What civilization did you choose and why?
We chose the Spanish civilization because back in the day they were very powerful and had a lot of resources.
2. Are you leaning more towards defense or cultural development and growth?
Cultural Development and Growth, because this will strengthen our culture and make our people strong and more able to fight.
3. As you encountered other civilizations, did you establish trade or go to war? Was is the on going consequence of this decision?
We established trade, the on going consequence of this decision was that they could betray us, or establish war at any moment.
4. What type of government did your team decide to obtain? What were the choices? What are the differences between them all?
The government we obtained was anarchy. The other choices were monarchy, democracy or dictatorship. The differences between the governments are that a democracy the people rule, and in the other three, there are rulers.
American Revolution:
East Coast Cities:
Trois Rivieres-British
New York City-American
Fort Pitt-British
Fort Augusta-British
Saint Augustine-British
New Orleans-Spanish
Saint Louis-Spanish
Fort Vincennes-British
King George III-Great Britain
George Washington-America
King Carlos III-Spain
King Louis XVI-France
Our strategy in the American Revolution, would be to take out Britain's weakest colonies. Then once we(America) are stronger we will take out Britain's strongest colonies. First we will start with colonies like Mobile, Halifax and Fort Vincennes. Then once we have built up our ranks, we will go after their biggest colonies such as Boston, New York and Detroit. This is our strategy for winning the American Revolution.
What Takes Place-
Today during our simulation we just started our game as the American Army. We fought Boston because they attacked us and we killed some of their soldiers. Norfolk was attacked by a british ship, and they lowered our defense. We fought Ft. Pitt, but we keep losing, again, again and again. We have bought many cannons and frigates. We just captured the british York colony. We are trying to get King Carlos III to declare war on King George III, but he declined our offer after we gave him lots of gold. We killed two of Great Britain's ships, but then they destroyed one of ours. We tried to overtake Montreal, but they killed some of us.
Our final outcome is that we are still behind Britain in men, but we have weakened their defenses and ships. We have tried to persuade King Carlos III to declare war on Britain and join forces with us, but he refused. Next time we are at this station, we plan to continue our strategy and take out their weakest colonies and we hope we can control more of them so that we can take out all of Britain's colonies.

In a narrative format (paragraph length) include the many nations involved in this civil war, the colonies/states/cities involved, and which cities were militarily occupied by which nations. Then create a strategy for today's play BEFORE the actual play takes place. Then during the game play create a second narrative reporting on what ACTUALLY transpires during play, mentioning your adjustments to your strategy. Finally, conclude your play by writing a narrative that details your final outcome?

We lost the game as the American Colonies because, our strategy weakened us before we could attack the big cities. We didn't always agree on all the decision that were made.
France, Spain, America, And England where all involved in the american revolution. In this game we chose to be Britain. Our strategy is to take out the colonies biggest cities so they have no defenses. Hopefully we don't die.

We have decided to attack New York once we have enough strength. We are in battle with Portland and New York. While in battle with Albany we lost soldiers. The American Colonies just over took Pensacola and Boston they are winning the war. We are trying to reclaim Boston. We are in mist of attacking Pensacola. We have finally won the battle. We attacked Baltimore with frigates. We just defended Fort Pitt. Were attempting to take Portland.

Our strategy has enabled us to remain strong even the colonies are winning. Overall we still have a lot of colonies that are strong. Our strategy for next week is the same as this week but we intend to win by capturing the major cities.

We have just received cannon and a new boat. We attacked Portland, Albany, New York. We have taken Portland, we're taken are troops to Norfork. The french are against us. France has finally come to the battle and has declared war. We took over Boston we're going to New York to take it out. We're attacking New york city and we conquered them.

Today we have conquered Boston, New York, and Portland. Next week are goal is to attack Philadelphia
Today we lost New York City, we received more units and ships from England, we destroyed a french transport and a french frigate. We are trying to take New York back, by moving our soldiers around.

Today we lost New York, and we couldn't get it back. Next time we are here, our plan is to take New York back, which will make us stronger, so then we can overtake the rest of their cities.

The nations territorially involved in North American and with the British American colonies were difficult to negotiate with at times. Explain your team’s strategies in these negotiations and how and why did they historically lead to alliances that left the British Empire alone in a global conflict.