Today we will we will use the transports that are located near halifax. most of the units that appear in the game appear at halifax. We will ship the units to baltimore to attack. while that is going on, we will use the frigates to bombard the cities. We upgrade the units when they aren't doing anything. We reduced baltimore's defense to 0%. We will attack as soon as possible. Land attack wise, there is not much action.

November 1781
+1 militia appears near boston.
febuary 1782
Spain declares war on britain..... Again.
July, 1782
new land and navel units neat halifax.

Now, there is no contact with the enemies. Eli is chanting attack, and that is what we are doing. We are attacking a french colony of New Orleans. Are transports are running away from the spanish frigates which will kill us. we just unloaded the units in the boats and took portland. Now on to boston. We have learned that the german mercinaries stink. they need to be upgraded to be any good.

In the end, we gained a few points over washington,today was a very good day. We got very lucky in odds of winning were bad, but we took a chance and won. Well not quite yet but i think we are close. right near the end, we lost a full a few points. pts. for some reason we got 2 more cannons in the middle of no where, and then lost them!?!?!?!? We took BOSTON in the end.

Today is Ben's turn to play. We are still the British. We are very close to losing. We are planning to fortify our cities and get new ones. December, 1780 AD- some still remained loyal to britain. We are going to fight to take over montreal. Ben is doing almost better than eric. Ben is really good!:) We have been putting all the workers that we built before to use. We have killed many of their transports and frigates and are now using our frigates to take down the defense of the cities we are conquering and using our transports to bring warriors to the cities we are attacking.
This morning we started with 83 points and it was minus 10 gold per turn, now that ben has been playing we have +5 gold per turn and 124 points. We just captured Boston. We Just traveled up to halifax and noticed that we had so mush stuff up there not doing any thing. We had like 30 men and 20 frigates up there. We also have like 5 transports. we are now going to try to bring all our frigates down and use the transports to bring our men down. we will leave like three men and a transport up there for protection incase someone does venture up there. We just got an update that says that Portland is unprotected. We will bring people up to protect it. July, 1781 AD- New units arrived at halifax. We now have like 50 guys in halifax. we are using the transports to move them. August, 1781 AD 2 french ships of the line and a line of 6 french frigates.
We have 128 and we are back to -1 gold per turn. Once we get the people in halifax down to battle we should easily dominate. We are back in the lead. Next time we our goal is going to be to get all the people in halifax down to battle and put them to work in cities that do not have many people in them to protect.

Today Eli is playing the game instead of Eric. We are playing as the British once again. We are planning to attack the soldiers of King Carlos III, King Louis XVI and George Washington so we can take over their cities. Once we manage to take over their cities such as Boston and New York, we will slowly rise in strength until we finally win the game. Once we start to play, we will execute our plan.

Our plan is working mediocre. We are attempting to kill the other soldiers. This is quite risky because most we get killed. When we attack a city, sometimes we win, but most of the time we lose. We have many Frigates in the oceans, but we are not using them as often. We just got a notification that said: "The British would regularly recive new units from Europe to reinforce the land and naval forces already present in the Colonial theater of war. New land and naval units appear near Halifax." We also got a notification that the British Empire has over one million people now. We are slowly losing points. We went from 139 points to 117 in a matter of ten minutes. Britain and the Colonists made peace. Spain declares war on Britain! While Spain did not side with the colonists as the french they too wanted a piece. July 1780 New units appear near Haliflax 6,000 soldiers and new ships.

Today was more successful then last weeks adventure into this game. We gained about two points today not really a lot but still a sufficient amount. In Haliflax we have too many men to count. We lost a lot of men to but we have gained more. We ended with a lot of ships around Haliflax. We now have lost almost all of our points. We started with 117 and now we are ending with low eighties like eighty-one or eighty. We are probably going to lose I personally think that we should get Eric back on as the game player of the group. We Tried to kill George Washington's men. We were doing good until Eli took over the gaming spot

Today we are planing to destroy the enemy cities with the frigates, then take the cities with the land units such as our british regulars.We need to destroy the other teams frigates and transports first because if we don't our boats will be destroyed. Our frigates are very important to us because it is our greatest strength. Then after we are the only boats left we will use them to lower the defense percentage of the enemy cities like Boston. After they are damaged we will move in with the ground units and take over. Now the french are everywhere again.

Our plan is working for the most part. We have gotten rid of the enemy boats and our now weakening cities with our frigates. But our ground units are not doing so hot. We have decided to use Detroit as an industrial center because it is far away from the war. Also we are trying to make peace with some of the other civilizations such as Spain or Francebut it is proving to be hard.

Our plan is doing well because we are working on weakening the cities as we planned. We have also found out that we can capture workers. We are going to do this and then send them to Detroit to help build up the city. This will help make Detroit a powerful industrial center. So overall we are doing average. We are also having trouble taking over cities with ground units. This causes us to lose points because our attack units and cities are being destroyed.
eric 10
noah 10
ben 10
eli 10
tyler 10
Austin 10
julian 10

Today we are planning to restart the revolution as the British. We want to capture
other cities and make more soldiers. We want to expand our land and capture all
of the americans. We can make new and different weapons. We will use the boats
to our advantage because the Americans don't have any boats. We are going to take all of
the America's land and defeat them once and for all.

We are going after Americans. Right now we are winning. We killed a lot of Americans.
We are using the ships and they are working. It is lowering there defenses. Our team is
using the boats to travel to different places for a better attacking spot. we died 19 out of 20 times.

Today we did fairly bad. I think that the team that we are on always loses. The boats helped a lot.
We also got a cannon that helped with harder shots. We got gold from King Carlos. King Carlos
brought war onto us and now he has boats and is taking the ocean. The Americans got a new flag
and Right as we were finishing up Eric got British regulars and weakened New York's defenses.
Creating Civilizations Project

Introduction: It is important that your team learns to use the game as a tool to complete the project. For the first two visits, work through the video tutorial on how to play the game.

  1. What does a “settler” represent in the general expansion of civilizations in history? Who do you think were the "settlers" in America?
  2. Why start with a settler and not a warrior in the game?
  3. What does the phrase "fog of war" mean in the game? What do you think is its meaning in real life?
  4. The character known as a scout in the game explores the surrounding countryside. What are the equivalents of scouts in real life through out history?
  5. What is the importance of cultural development in a civilization?
  6. Explain how the many characters created contribute to the growth of the civilization and not a single one.
  7. What is the growth evolution of a hut?

Assessment: Answer all questions using complete sentence structure and correct grammar.ENTER TEXT HERE

1 The settler expands land areas for certain countries. The settlers in America were pilgrims and such people.
2 Settlers can develop towns and build bigger and better stuff (houses,warriors, etc.).
3 Fog of war can mean war is unclear, or you do not know what is happening other than war.
4 Explorers like Columbus, Ponce de Leon, and astronauts.
5 Same Religion throughout the people, the culture could help bond with other civilizations.
6 Each different unit has different strengths and some farm, fight wars, trade, and build towns.
7 Huts grow to houses, than condos, to apartments.

  1. It has been proven it has a huge abundance of gold, food, and production.
  2. You need money and research to make new technology.
  3. Years go by and the colony gets bigger and bigger and gets more successful.
  4. Money encourages trade routes to be built. Also more good were being made because of a deeper population.
  5. It is because they are barbaric and they could do it for money and prizes.There are really no concerns about that wonders.
  6. Our team best believes in war.
  7. The relationship is partial slavery.
  8. .
  9. It is an option because you will get more work done. The point it serves the civilization is less working for higher level people in the civilization.Yes it does justify it.
  10. It takes a long time to gain money and you need money to research and research is an important part in new technology. Also testing technology.

  • What civilization did you choose and why?
  • Are you leaning more towards defense or cultural development and growth?
  • As you encountered other civilizations, did you establish trade or go to war? Was is the on going consequence of this decision?
  • What type of government did your team decide to obtain? What were the choices? What are the differences between them all?

We chose the greek civilization because we were familiar with it.
No, we are just farming and exploring as far away as possible. there are no warriors of any sort yet.
we just said fair well right away, and didn't go to war. we are not going to concur any empire anytime soon.
we aren't far enough yet.

Week 5: Our first plan is going to be to make our civilization bigger in size. Then, we will spread out all of our men across the board ,so they cannot get in. After that is done, we will make more men. We will then try to attack them. If we lose, then we will start over with our plan.

Our plan so far isn't working out that will. We got into a fight with them, and both sides have lost soldiers. RIght now, we are trying to make more men. Something they have that we don't is boats. The boats are a really good weapon for them, but they are starting to annoy us because they have so many of them. Hopefully, we won't get destroyed while trying to make our army.

At the end of the period we did okay. We stopped at a good point in the game. Our plan didn't work out how we thought it would, but we are in the lead. We are behind King George III by 42 points. Next time, we are going to WIN!