What does a "settler" represent in the general expansion of civilizations in history? Who do you think were the "settlers" in America?

A settler is a person who travels to another place to settle and live. The settler's purpose is to build the foundations of a civilization. The settlers in America were the Europeans.

Why start with a settler and not a warrior in the game?

The settler will establish the territory, and a warrior will become necessary later once they have something to protect.

What does the phrase "fog of war" mean in the game? What do you think is its meaning in real life?

The fog of war is an unexplored land or territory.

The character known as a scout in the game explores the surrounding countryside. What are the equivalents of scouts in real life through out history?

Scouts were somewhat like spies for an area.

What is the importance of cultural development in a civilization?

Cultural development in a civilization will expand your civilization's influence and will make your city larger.

Explain how the many characters created contribute to the growth of the civilization and not a single one.

To have a successful civilization, you need settlers, scouts, warriors, and workers. You need a variety in a successful civilization.

What is the growth evolution of a hut?

A hut evolves into a cottage, which eventually evolves into a hamlet, and after 10 turns, a cottage becomes a village. After another 20 turns, a village becomes a town.

Week 3-

1. Sid suggests that a new City be placed where there is an abundance of Food, Production, and Gold. Using your knowledge from previous years, why do you think European's early settlers, chose the America's to begin settles?

Europeans chose the Americas because it was large and abundant in trees, land, and resources. There was also a chance for gold.
2. What is the relationship between the growth of Technology, Money, and Research?
The more money you put into research, the faster technology can be produced and revolutionized.
3. What can your team conclude from the passing of years and growth within a civilization?
It takes a very long time to create a large and successful civilization.
4. What encourages trade routes to be constructed? What can you deduce then about the Silk Road, and maritime routes, and modern routes like wagonway, railway, our current highway networks?
Roads and routes create a faster, more efficient way to get things from one place to another.
5. Sid stated that civilizations often race each other to be the first to build a particular Wonder, why? What are your team's thoughts concerning a the wonders already built in real civilizations?
The wonders will attract people to come to a civilization. More people will come to see the first structure of its kind than the second or the third.
6. It's not too early to being to think about how you might want to WIN when you begin playing the game. Which type of win does your team believe to be the best rout to go?
Our team believes conquest is the best route. It is easier to take out enemies than to overcome them through friendship.
7. What is the relationships between religion and the type of government?
8. How does Sid define Civics?
9. Why is slavery an option to be used? What purpose does it serve in this simulation? Does it justify why slavery was used through out history, and even still used today?
Slavery will get work done faster, but it may cause a disruption in your civilization. We don’t think it justifies what was done in history, because it caused people to be unhappy.
10. Decades, even centuries pass by before a civilization acquires new technologies and advanced civics - why do you think it takes so long?
Many things need to occur before technology can evolve. Discoveries need to happen before Technology evolves.

Week 4-

What civilization did you choose and why?

We chose English because the British empire has survived for so long, so we wanted ours to survive as well.

Are you leaning more towards defense or cultural development and growth?

We are leaning toward defense, but we are still trying to build our city culturally. Defense comes first.

As you encountered other civilizations, did you establish trade or go to war? Was is the on going consequence of this decision?

We established trade with the other civilizations. So far, there have not been consequences. We also refused trade with Peter of Russia. We are currently trading with Ghandi.

What type of government did your team decide to obtain? What were the choices? What are the differences between them all?

We do not currently have a government as we were not prompted to choose one yet.



In the revolutionary war, there were four countries involved. These were American, England, Spain, and France. Each of these countries had cities that they controlled. The British controlled Mobile, Pensacola, St. Augestine, Boston, Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Halifax, York, Ft. Pitt, Detroit, And Ft. Vincennes. The Colonies, which would soon become America, had Savannah, Ft. Augestine. Charleston, Charlotte, Wilmington, Richmond, Baltimore, Norfolk, Philadelphia, and New York City. The French had New Orleans and St. Louis. Our strategy, as we play as the British, is to slowly take over each American and French town. We plan to expand diplomatically by winning over King Carlos and King Louis, of France and Spain. If we have allies, we can win. To support the war, we plan on using our ships to fish, and mining to keep up with economic demand.

During Play-

While we play, we are slowly changing our strategy. Our original plan was to be offensive, but as we try to do that, we are realizing that it pays to be more defensive. We are currently focusing on keeping our cities defended. Spain and France have now declared war on us, so our strategy must change again. We are now forced to be more offensive than before. There are several threatening forces against us, which are making us nervous.


In the end, we are at war with all of the forces in the colonies. We’ve made attempts to defend our borders by building walls and protecting our cities. Next we plan to try to create farms, take Portland, and not lose a city. We also plan on defending our borders and building more walls with which to protect.


In this game time we plan to be more defensive and we are going to try to prove our economic growth. We hope to make peace with the French, also, in this game time. We hope claim at least one city in this period. Our main goal, though, is to not die. As long as we can survive, we can keep fighting for our cities.

During Play-

Today during play, we destroyed 2 villages, which were our first. We are also setting up hospitals. We are building our agriculture industry now by creating farms. We also now have prophet and we are spreading religion. We started a plantation to get bananas as well. We sunk two enemy ships today, as well as having two of ours sunk. We have lost several battles, as well as won several. We are currently at war with all of the other countries (Spain, France, Colonies).


In conclusion, we destroyed New York's defenses and Philadelphia's defenses. Unfortunately, we also lost one of our cities. We killed roughly 15 american regulars and 3 spanish soldiers. We are working on a hospital. We made several barracks, started a plantation, made 4 farms, 2 mines, and a town hall. We also got reinforcements.


In this game time, we plan to take over New York. We are then going to try and get France and Spain to be allies with us. We also plan to be more offensive than defensive. We plan to increase our economic growth and research new war technologies. We plan to try and make our subjects not feel as hostile to us as they are now. We also plan to try and not die horribly.

During Play-

During play today, we destroyed a calvery man and a minute man. We also we have made several mines and a lighthouse. We are continually trying to take over New York throughout the period. We killed three Spanish regulars today as well. We pillaged three villages, as well as killing several American ships. We are steadily increasing in points, while still keeping our point level above that of the other teams. We captured Portland, captured a warrior, and we have captured a Spanish ship as well.

After Play-

Today during play, we captured Portland, which was our largest success so far. We also killed several Spanish and American soldiers today. We increased our point level as well. Unfortuately, we lost Boston and are working on capturing Mobile and New York. Next class period, we plan to capture at least one other city as well as completing the castle we are working on.



Today, we plan to defend our cities. We are going to try to be defensive this period rather than offensive. We are also going to build new buildings and industries within our cities. Our main goal this period is to not die, since we chose to be the british. That is proving difficult. As per usual, our main goal is to not die horribly

During Play-

During play today, we captured Boston, lost it, then took it back again. We also figured out several commands to move many characters at once. We also lost Detroit, unfortunately. We made many workers and fought many battles. We destroyed many ships throughout the process of the period. We captured Albany as well. We used our ships to protect our coastal cities. We won a time victory as well. We finished the game.

After Play-

We finished the game this week. We won the war, so we don't really have any plans for next week. Here are our ranks in the different areas.

Mfg. goods- 1
Crop yield- 1
Soldiers- 1
Land area-1
Approval rate- 3
Life expectancy-2

We won the war due to our great game controllers. Brynne was great at defense, and Sara was great at battling. The rest of us mad decisions and kept the teams' head level. We progressed each week, and we were determined even when we were losing.

Next week, we will start the next assignment.


Today, we started the American Revolution game again. We are playing as the Americans this time at a higher difficulty level. Today, we plan to increase our power so that we are overpowering the British. We also plan to build our power over the other cities as well. We plan to become allies with a few cities so that we will have help when we need it.

During Play-

Today, we moved many soldiers to Halifax in order to counteract the soldiers that are on the way. We learned this because of the last time we played this game as the British. We had more soldiers appear in Halifax early in the game, so we are trying to counteract this. We are also building important buildings and businesses in each of our cities, such as banks and Libraries. We are working on making continental regulars. We also captured York. Sadly, a few of our ships were destroyed. As we predicted, British troops are arriving in Halifax.

After Play-

Today, we conquered a British city, as well as Conquering british troops.


November 1775- Today we made a Navy, but it is causing major headaches for the British.

January 1776- Thomas Paine publishes the famous pamphlet, Common sense. This cause the Americans to Rally together.

May 1776- The French pledged $1,000,000 in arms and ammunition, and Spain promised to support us. The continental congress approved measures to allow colonies to form governments.

July 1776- The British are regularly recieving new units near Halifax.

July 1776 Cont.- The Americas declare independence, but the worldwide reaction is mixed. France and Spain think it is a good chance to get back at Britain.



Today, our strategy is to try to conquer the less heavily guarded cities. We plan to also try to not die. We plan to build defenses around our cities, such as walls and barracks. We hope to build up our cities' defenses so that if we are attacked, we won't bw conquered as quickly. Lastly, we plan to stage more attacks on cities by sea rather than by land.

During Play-

Today, we lost a few minutemen. In turn, we destroyed some of the British land. We destroyed a farm, a boat, a barbarian and many British Regulars. But sadly, we lost a couple of our ships to them, and lost one of our Horses. They also captured our Portland and our New York. We are trying to get back New York. To get it back, we destroyed a mine and a road, we destroyed Hamlet and cottage. We also built a fort and a hospital. Lastly, We upgraded all of our Regulars!


December, 1776 AD
The settlers decided on what side of the war they are on.

March 1777 AD
British forces approach Colonial cities. Local Militias rise up to fight.

July 1777 AD
The British often got new units to reinforce their power in America.

April 1777 AD
The settlers decided on what side of the war they are on. More people decide who will be what side.

October 1777 AD
France recognizes us as an independent country.

November 1777 AD
France declares war on Britain.

January 1778 AD
Spain declares war on Britain.

Febuary 1778 AD
Prussian general Baron von Steuben offers us help.

April 1778 AD
The settlers decided on what side of the war they are on. More people decide who will be what side.

May 1778 AD
British forces approach Colonial cities. Local Militias rise to fight.

July 1778 AD
The settlers decided on what side of the war they are on. More people decide who will be what side.The British often got new units to reinforce their power in America.

After Play-

Today, we unfortunately lost several of our cities. We are hoping to, next week, get back New York, which was one of the cities we lost. We hope to continue building up our cities and hope to win a few more battles next week. As usual, our strategy is to stay on top of the leader board, but at the very least, we hope not to die.



Today we are playing our creating civilizations game. In this period, we hope to try and capture some cities and expand our borders. We plan to research new technologies. We also plan to declare war on some places. We hope to overtake several cities, such an seville.

During play-

Today we are continuing to develop our city in the civilizations game. We have begun to create a winery and academy. At the beginning of play we killed a vessel of Queen Isabella of Spain. We also began to make multiple farms. Chichen Itza has started to be created. We lost a grenadier and warrior. We destroyed some of Isabella's fishing boats. Nationhood was then adopted by us. We accomplished building Versailles. Caraville was created. Our catapult lowered the defenses of Seville. We continued to attackh the city of Seville. Peace was made with George Washington. We now hold 2 million souls. We killed multiple Spanish enemies. We captured the city of Seville, lost it and captured it again. A catapult was destroyed by a Spanish soldier. We built some mines and other improvements. Guilds have also begun to be created in our country. The Sistine Chapel was built, we created a longbowman, and we upgraded our grenadier. An aqueduct has begun to be made. Building for a Christian Monastry began.



After play-

Today while we destroyed multiple enemies, especially from Spain, we also lost a few men. We created multiple things that helped improve our city and also created a few monuments. Several cities were created, as well as an aqueduct, and we discovered the we have 2 million souls within our city.